Episode 003 – Ship, Haiti, CRIT and 1040 Movie 1

In episode 003 of the YWAM Podcast Bill Hutchison talks about the latest news from the YWAM Australia Ship Tour, YWAM in Haiti, YWAM’s CRIT conference in Thailand and a few upcoming movies that you might find interesting.


  • YWAM Australia Ship Tour
    • You can follow what’s happening on the YWAM Australia Ship tour over on their page on Facebook.
    • While in Ulladulla the YWAM Ship Pacific Link was visited by many school kids, had a civic reception, BBQs and many tours. They were also visited on Thursday by the Australian Parliamentary Secretary, Bob McMullan.
    • The ship is now on the way to Geelong in Victoria and should be arriving there on Tuesday after a two day sail.
    • I Want To Live – YWAM Australia Ship Tour
  • David Cunningham Future Film Productions
    • Lion of War – story of David and his mighty fighting men
    • The Bible – in 3D – “In the Beginning”
  • 1040 Movie being released at the City of Angels Film Festival

  • Globalcast
    • Video podcast about what’s happening in the mission, interviews with staff and students from around the world, teaching from different YWAM Leaders and more.
    • Globalcasts Blog
  • YWAM Music
  • YWAM in Haiti
    • YWAM is still finding amazing favour in Haiti with the locals, and other organisations in Haiti.
    • The YWAM Medical clinics are treating hundreds of people every day and is in desperate need of medical supplies.
    • Latest news from YWAM in Haiti can be found on their YouTube account:
    • The YWAM Communication, Research and Information Technology conference in Chang Mai, Thailand has finished up now and has come out with some pretty ambitious goals.
    • http://crit.ywamcommunication.org/
  • You Know You’re a YWAMer When …
    • you have very little money, but have travelled around the world
    • when the word “flexible” takes on a whole other meaning
    • you go to a non-YWAM retreat and you think it’s weird you don’t have meal prep and clean-up
    • while watching Amazing Race you yell out to the TV “No, that’s the wrong way!
    • you leave with a total non-denominational view of Christianity and get really annoyed over petty Christian bickering
    • you know that everything in life is a “heart issue”
    • when you return home and get a cultural shock
    • people think you are nuts because you are “working” without being paid
    • one week you can’t afford to buy coffee, the next week you’re in another country on outreach
    • you randomly find foreign currency in your pockets
    • you know you’re a YWAMer when every hard situation is viewed as a “growth opportunity”
    • Read More …

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One thought on “Episode 003 – Ship, Haiti, CRIT and 1040 Movie

  • Kerri

    Hey Bill- Great job on the pod cast! Thanks so much for the plug and playing a bit of my song, that was a nice surprise. Thanks for filling us in on whats going on in YWAM around the globe. This is really great. We appreciate you and all that you are doing. Bless ya mate 🙂 Kerri