Episode 005 – Haiti, Chile, Australia, the Arts and Sports 1

In episode 005 of the YWAM Podcast Bill Hutchison talks about the latest news from YWAM in Haiti and Haiti, a freak storm that hit and damaged the YWAM Perth Centre, a European arts gathering, a collective YWAM worship video, the YWAM Western Europe Leadership Consultation (WELC) and sports in YWAM.

  • YWAM Haiti
    • Building another clinic North of St. Marc
    • Building Homes of Hope
    • Someone donated 7200 cases of pudding, which is now being distributed
    • The YWAM Centre has processed over 10,000 refuges from Port Au Prince
      • 112 pastors are helping to distribute the food and care for the refuges
    • Plan to use the tent communities to providing training and hope, especially as organisations like the World Food Program look at beginning to withdraw.
    • www.genesisnews.com for a live video update from the GENESIS News Network on April 6th at 5pm GMT.

  • YWAM Chile
    • The 8.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Chile last month left about 1.5 million people homeless in Chile. There are still many people there in desperate need of critical medical care.
    • Mercy Works, a ministry of Youth With A Mission, plans to send a medical team to Chile from April 1 – April 11. While there the team can expect to be kept very busy helping to care for the sick and injured in Chile.
    • You can find out more about the upcoming medical outreach to Chile at the link in the show notes.
    • Mercy Works – Critical Medical Need in Chile
    • YWAM (JOCUM) Pichilemu is launching a Home for Hope rebuilding project. The aim of the project is to help the communities surrounding Pichilemu which were hit especially hard by the earthquake. Most of the homes in the area were not built to withstand earthquakes and many of them crumbled in the initial quake, or the many aftershocks.
    • The first phase of the project will be to build 50 free prefabricated homes for families left homeless.
    • They are looking for donations and volunteers to help with the rebuilding of the nation and with the homes for hope project.
    • JUJUM Pichilemu – Homes for Hope

  • Highlighted YWAM Songs
    • The highlight song was a live recording of Testify by Woje. Woje is a band from YWAM Reef to Outback in Townsville, Australia. A few of the band members are friends of mine and you can find out more about them at:
    • As usual the intro and exit songs are by Five Star Street, also from YWAM Reef to Outback in Townsville, Australia.
  • European Arts Gathering in Norway
    • YWAM in Norway has organised a Christian Arts gathering in Ålesund, Norway from the 7th to the 10th of October 2010.
    • There will be many performances during the gathering and they are still looking for participating acts. If you are interested you can  make enquiries through their web-site.
    • There will also be some preaching, teaching and worship during the gathering. The organisers have invited guest speakers to talk about many different aspects of the Christian faith and the arts including Joseph Avakian, http://blog.josephavakian.com/.
    • You can find out more on their web-site, http://artsgathering.no/.
  • YWAM Collective Worship Album
    • Some of the people over at the YWAM Music community are putting together a collective worship album. The album will feature music written and recorded by YWAM staff and students.
    • They are still looking for vocalists and musicians, so if you are interested then check out the site YWAM Music community site:
    • YWAM Music Community – Collective Worship Album
  • YWAM Hockey Summer Camps
    • YWAM Hockey will be running 8 different hockey camps throughout Canada and up into Alaska this summer. During the camps they cover Biblical values, power skating, quality hockey instruction, goal-tending, dry-land training, and more including daily chapel.
    • YWAM Hockey – Summer Hockey Camps

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