Episode 006 – Mission Adventures, Football World Cup Outreach, Haiti and College Ministry

In Episode 006 of the YWAM Podcast we talk about upcoming summer outreach opportunities with Mission Adventures, the World Cup Outreach in South Africa, a ministry called Justice [Acts], The YWAM Ship in Australia, the YWAM International Prayer Day, Haiti, College Ministry at the University of Wisconsin and a sports outreach in the Cook Islands.


  • World Cup Outreach in South Africa
    • About 350 000 football fans and tourists will be there
    • Needing volunteers in the areas of fundraising, publicity, web-design, administration, hospitality, music, and teams.
    • YWAM Muizenburg is coordinating the work of Youth With A Mission in the lead up and during KICKOFF2010
    • http://ywamkickoff2010.org/
  • Justice [Acts]
    • 600,000 African children are trafficked each year, most into the sex trade.
    • Justice [Acts] is planning to send 8 specially trained teams to the four stadium cities of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Bloemfontein.
    • Teams will consist of 5-7 members, with the members being trained in intercession, prostitution ministry, investigation, traffick proofing and about male sex tourism.
    • They will be partnering with other churches, ministries and organisations working in trafficking.
    • http://www.justiceacts.org/4.html
  • YWAM Ship in Australia
    • The YWAM Ship spent the last two weeks in Adelaide, South Australia. While it was there the ship was featured on the Channel 10 News. Here is the interview (update: this video was shot in Sydney, not Adelaide. Sorry for the error and thanks for the feedback):
    • YWAM Ships is running a fun little contest at the moment. If you are living in the Townsville region and are between the ages of 11 – 18 then you need to have a look at the contest.  You need to create a five minute or less video of you making a “spectacle” out of yourself. Check out the web-site from the link in the show notes.
  • YWAM International Prayer Day
    • http://prayerday.org/
    • Two visions
      • Ministries birthed before they have been fully formed and prayed into. Leads to still-born ministries.
      • Our inner life is much smaller than the vision that God has given us as a ministry. We need to rely more and accept more from God to be able to fulfil what God has called us to.
  • Haiti
    • With the hurricane season starting in only four weeks there is still a huge need for accommodation. Find out how you can help provide shelter for some of the refuges in Haiti:
    • http://www.esbenshades.com/haiti/
    • In at least one of the tent camps some of the women are starting a business making baby slings. This simple act is helping to give the women a new sense of purpose and pride.
    • http://relieftrain.wordpress.com/2010/04/01/46/
    • In a partnership with Kids Against Hunger YWAM in Minneapolis is putting together 100,000 packaged meals to Haiti. Their long term goal is to deliver half a million meals and up till now they have sent off more than 36,000 meals.
    • Because YWAM is staffed by all volunteers the project is running very lean and they are able to make each meal for only 23 cents each. All the money for this project comes from donations.
    • The US Navy and Coast Guard are delivering the meals at no cost for YWAM or for Kids Against Hunger.
    • http://www.pressnews.com/articles/2010/04/02/south_crow_river_news/news/ywamwpics.prt
    • http://www.ywam-mn.org/index.php/kids-against-hunger
  • GENESIS Live News Update from Chile, Haiti and Nigeria
    • On April 6th GENESIS News Network will bring fresh reports from Chile, Haiti and Nigeria. You will hear Mitch Anderson and Terry Snow give reports on how they are coping with the recent earthquakes in their nations. We will also hear from Nigeria concerning the recent massacres and how our co-workers are dealing with t…his situation right on their doorstep.
    • When – April 6th, 10am Pacific/5pm GMT
    • Where – By GENESIS or web streaming
    • Watch it Live – Go to www.genesisnews.com
  • Phos Open House
    • YWAM Madison runs a discipleship community for college students at the University of Wisconsin
    • The Phos (ΦΩΣ) House is staffed by full-time members of YWAM whose passion is to see the lives of university students changed for God.
    • On April 10 and April 17th they are having an open house where you can meet the students and discover how you can help them reach them and their nations.
    • http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=369498838958&index=1
  • YWAM Cook Islands runs Volleyball Tournament
    • Youth With A Mission Vaimaanga in the Cook Islands ran a volleyball competition in March for the surrounding communities. It was a successful tournament and they are planning on running more one-day tournaments for the community to bring together families and neighbour for a day of healthy fun.
    • http://www.cinews.co.ck/2010/March/Wed24/sports.php

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