Episode 014 – Ash Cloud Outreach, Youth Olympic Games and Moscow Ministry Centre 1

Your host Bill Hutchison talks about how the Ash Cloud caused spontaneous outreach among stranded travellers, the International Youth Olympic Games Outreach in Singapore, a new Welcome and Go Centre will be opening opening soon in Moscow, some resources for YWAMers and some new YWAM music…


  • Ash Cloud Causes Spontaneous Outreach
    • The Ash Cloud from Iceland has caused many passengers to be stranded. YWAM has had schools affected and outreaches affects because of it, but this has not stopped different YWAM centres from continuing to reach out to people during this time.
    • Some staff from YWAM Brussels had some unique opportunities to outreach to some of these travellers.
    • They had the chance to minister to and give bibles to people from North Africa and Iran.
  • YWAM Photography Network
  • Britcare – for British YWAMers serving abroad


  • Woje – Devil Thang
  • Intro and exit music by Five Star Streets, over at http://ywamrto.com
  • YWAM Russia Welcome and Go Centre in Moscow
    • Moscow will soon be home to the new YWAM Russia Welcome and Go Centre
    • The plan for the centre is to purchase an apartment in Moscow that will serve as a hospitality centre for people who have come to serve in Moscow and Russia. Their desire is to open the door for more people from around the world to serve the nation of Russia and the city of Moscow.
    • http://www.ywammoscow.org/en/content/the_ywam_russia_welcome_and_go_center
  • Singapore hosts the 2010 Youth Olympics
    • Singapore will be hosting the upcoming International Youth Olympic Games. This is the first time for these games to be hosted and they are expecting about 3,600 athletes from 205 nations between 14 and 18 years old. There are also expected to be nearly 525,000 other visitors to the games during the two-week long event.
    • YWAM Singapore will be hosting Gofest Asia 2010 to correspond with these inaugural games. The Gofest will run from the 10th to the 13th of August, with the outreach happening all through the games from the 14th to the 26 of August.
    • You can find out more on the website at www.gofestasia.com
  • YWAM Computer Desktop Wallpaper
  • International YWAMer Story Contest
  • YWAM Eagle Rock Disc Golf Fundraiser
    • Finally, if you fancy yourself as a bit of a pro at the old Frisbee golf or disc golf then you might want to check out the YWAM Eagle Rock Disc Golf tournament happening in Colorado on June 19 and Sept 11.
    • http://www.ywameaglerock.com/v1/discgolf/
  • What is the world’s second most played sport? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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