Episode 017 – 3 YWAM Magazines, 30-Days of Prayer, Discipleship Tips and Prizes 1

Bill Hutchison talks about three different YWAM Magazines that you can check out, the upcoming 30-days of prayer for the Muslim world, some great tips on discipleship, more 50th celebrations, some ways that we can use technology to advance God’s Kingdom and a chance to win some prizes.


  • YWAM Associates: YWAM eTouch Magazine
    • YWAM Associates International has a goal of keeping in touch with the YWAM Family. Their mission is to encourage and build up those who have served in and been trained by YWAM.
    • YWAM Associates produces a monthly email magazine called eTouch that is geared for former YWAMers.
    • http://ywamassociates.com/index.php/ywam-etouch/
  • International YWAMer
    • Last week the International YWAMer web-site was been re-launchedThe latest edition of the magazine should be released this week via e-mail, on the web-site and in an audio format.
    • I also want to remind you of the International YWAMer story contest. There are three categories for the contest; under 15, 15 – 30 and over 30. You can check out the details for the contest at internationalwamer.org/storycontest. You can also read about what the prizes are for the winners of the contest.
    • http://internationalywamer.org
  • YWAM 30-Days of Prayer
    • The YWAM 30-day of prayer for the Muslim world is coming up August 11 – September 09, 2010.
    • The 30-Days of Prayer for the Muslim World prayer guide is now available in 42 different languages, and there is even a children’s booklet available to purchase at http://www.30-days.net/order/

  • Some Tips on Discipleship
    • Some great discipleship tips from some YWAMers who are staffing a discipleship training school at YWAM Kona.
    • How we can create an environment of discipleship in the campus / classroom environment, as well as some great tips for during outreach. There are some specific exercises on the site as well that could prove helpful. I’ll include a link to this great article in the show notes.
    • Discipleship Tips from Jeremy West for on Base and on Outreach
    • A lot of the advise comes from the people who run the DTS Equip school, which is a school to help train Discipleship Training School staff and is put on by the folks at YWAM Montana. You can read more at their web-site, http://www.ywammontana.org/schools/dtse.
  • YWAM 50th Anniversary Magazine
    • The YWAM 50th Magazine has finally been released. The magazine is a 160 pages of photos, stories and articles from YWAMers all over the world. There is special emphasis on the founding generation of YWAM with a lot of them contributing content for the magazine.
    • The cost for the magazine is $10 USD, which covers the cost of production and shipping.
    • YWAM 50th Anniversary Magazine is Here!
  • YWAM 50th Celebration in Northern Europe
    • September 21 – 25 in Restenas, Sweden.
    • You can read more on the YWAM Northern Europe Web-site at http://www.ywamne.eu/
  • Music was "Eternity" by the YWAM Perth School of Music in Missions
    • The next school will be run in January of 2011 and you can find out more on their web-site at ywamperth.org.au/somm.
  • The intro and exit music is provided by Five Star Streets, which you can find at http://ywamrto.com
  • YWAM Athi River Building Project
    • People are currently accommodated in temporary wood cabins. As the ministry has grown they have put together a master plan for the property and have started to build permanent housing.
    • They have already completed some of the permanent buildings, but there is still much more to do, and they need to see people come to help to see if happen, and the finances come in for the needed materials.
    • You can read more about YWAM Athi River, find out about the project, and see photos of the construction at YWAM Athi River, Kenya – Construction
  • Stop Paying for Slavery Tour in Adelaide, South Australia
  • YWAM Medellin
    • YWAM Medellin has finally established a permanent home for some of the children that they are caring for. In May they finished renovating a permanent home for the girls that they are caring for and they are now looking towards constructing a second level on that property to house the boys, who are currently in temporary rented accommodation.

Med June 2010

  • YWAM Kona – Foundations in Information Technology School
    • The team in YWAM Kona is looking at running a Foundations in Information Technology School later this year. They are still developing the content for the school and are currently seeking feedback on any thoughts that other have about such a course.
    • Right now they are looking at the following topics:
      • Computer Architecture
      • Operating Systems
      • Servers
      • Productivity software
      • Networking
      • Security
      • And more …
  • Outreach to New English Speakers
    • YWAM Resonate has some great tips to get you connected with people who are wanting the chance to practice their English and talk to English speaking people from around the world. It’s a great way to connect to people from all over the world and chat to them about God, while helping them to gain more understanding of the English language.
    • Skype ESL – Outreach to New English Speakers

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