Episode 032 – YWAM Haiti, New Building for YWAM Winnipeg and more… 3

YWAM Podcast episode 32 – Bill Hutchison brings us an update on Haiti, tells us about some some upcoming schools, seminars and unique Discipleship Training Schools and YWAM Winnipeg picks up a new building for their new monastic community.


  • Update from Haiti
    • We have an update from Kristian Snow about the Homes of Hope project, an evangelistic event in Port-au-Prince and the slow rate of rebuilding in Haiti.
    • Still no results from the presidential election, please continue to pray.
    • YWAM Haiti is very keen for people to join with them helping the people of Haiti. They are looking for teams of people to come and help, and for individuals to come and join them. You can find out how at www.ywamhaiti.org

  • GENESIS Seminar
  • YWAM 50th on GENESIS from Kona
    • November 30 – December 3
    • We will hopefully be bringing you an interview from one of the participants in an upcoming episode of the YWAM Podcast. Unfortunately we were unable to hook one up before this recording.
    • If you were at the YWAM 50 celebrations please feel free to call our voicemail line at (403)879-4506 and leave us a message of your experience.
    • You can watch much of the celebrations at www.uofnkona.edu



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3 thoughts on “Episode 032 – YWAM Haiti, New Building for YWAM Winnipeg and more…

  • Arnoud

    Just been looking at the different video’s and I looked up some of the links. The quality of the second vid is really good. I especially appreciate that the Haitian people themselves are interviewed. That is a really good job! I think you are doing a good job Bill. Although maybe next time we can inform you a bit earlier and do a real interview.. Hint hint..

  • Brian Cooke

    hey first time i’ve heard your podcast! great job! esspecially enjoyed the broadcasts/updates from haiti… i was there for 3 months after the earthquake its great that people are still reporting and creating awareness for the massive needs still!
    thanks so much…

  • Bill Hutchison Post author

    Thanks for the feedback guys, and I’m glad that you’ve been enjoying the podcast. We are hoping that it is raising awareness for some of the other needs out there, and the work that YWAM is doing around the globe.