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This week on the Youth With A Mission News Podcast we will find out about the miracle needed at YWAM San Francisco for them to continue ministering at their current location, hear about how YWAM Muzenburg in South Africa is helping after a fire destroyed over 100 homes in a township in Masiphumelele, hear about some amazing things happening in Kolkata, find out about YWAM Ships Australia new vessel, and more …

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YWAM San Fransisco Needs a Miracle


Youth With A Mission San Francisco has been faithfully serving the city at it’s current inner-city location since 1995. The neighbourhood that they are in has recently seen huge investment and is the latest neighbourhood in San Francisco to experience gentrification. Already many nonprofits in the area have had to close because of the increased cost of property, and YWAM San Francisco is feeling the effect with the possibility of the property they are in being sold.

YWAM believes that the location is strategic in reaching San Francisco  and engaging the city with a loving God. The ministries running out of this location continue to expand with great favour and they do not believe that they are done there yet. To stay where they are they are needing to see $500,000 raised by June 9.

To prevent them having to move out of the neighbourhood YWAM San Francisco is asking for four things for us to help:

  1. Pray
  2. Endorse
  3. Share
  4. Give

You can find out how to help YWAM San Francisco on their web-site,

YWAM Newcastle Full OccupancyYWAM Newcastle Full Occupancy of Property

YWAM Newcastle here in Australia has recently passed all of it’s inspections and has finally received their final occupancy certificate for their warehouse facility!

It’s been a six year journey for YWAM Newcastle since they first acquired their warehouse and this final approval will free them up to continue with their vision for the centre.

On June 5 YWAM Newcastle will be hosting their major annual fundraising banquet called “Limitless”.

YWAM Newcastle Limitless

You can find out more about the fundraising event on the YWAM Newcastle Facebook event page, and find out more about their warehouse facility at

100 Homes Burnt Down in Masiphumelele100 Homes Burnt Down in Masiphumelele, South Africa

Last week around 100 homes burnt down in Masiphumelele in South Africa. Youth With A Mission Muezenberg is very active in the township of Masiphumelele with the YWAM Jesus House there. They have set up temporary accommodation for some of the families who have found themselves homeless.

Please continue to pray for the families and ministry there as they seek to recover from the fires.

YWAM Muizenberg

YWAM Megacities in Kolkata

YWAM Perth has some great updates from their Megacities Outreach to Kolkata, India:

The Megacities outreach is having a significant impact on the city and people of Kolkata. In addition to workers, they also need prayer.

In social media there are grumblings from some in Kolkata who are resistant to what God is doing there. Jesus reminded us that there will be persecution, and that we should expect it as we proclaim His Truth, and we should pray for the worker and for the people hearing the truth.

Find out more at

YWAM Yei Update from South Sudan

YWAM South Sudan in YeiYouth With A Mission South Sudan continues to be the only source of support for many forcefully and internally displaced persons in Yei and Lainya Internally Displaced Persons camps.

In Yei County YWAM continues to supply food and firewood to the people there, as well as providing pre-school and secondary school education for those whose schooling has been disrupted by the conflict.

In Lainya County YWAM is taking care of three widows and 25 children whose parents from the Nuer tribe were killed in Juba in December 2013.

Head over to YWAM South Sudan’s Facebook page to find out more about their ministry, their needs, and how you can get involved.

YWAM Medical Ships Australia – New Vessel

YWAM Medical Ships Australia MV Ammari

YWAM Ships Australia will be taking possession of a replacement medical ship to help with it’s continued health work in Papua New Guinea. The 60 metre catamaran will be able to be deployed to PNG for 11-months of the year, compared to 6-months for the current ship, the Pacific Link.

10277746_614224548672110_7837745021730121550_nThe vessel will enable YWAM to increase its annual engagement with individuals by over 500 per cent due to its capacity to operate all year-round.

It could operate as a mother ship.

Patrol tenders would be launched from the vessel into remote coastal communities, transporting teams of health professionals to help build capacity in rural health workers and individuals in areas of primary health care, dentistry, optometry and ophthalmology for up to one week at a time. (source)

Even though the new vessel is larger than the current vessel, it has a shallower draft, which will allow it to enter areas that the current ship can not. The plans are to outfit it with an operating theatre, dental clinic, outpatient clinic facility, laboratory, and lecture room.

Find out more about this exciting development at

Another Vessel for YWAM Ships ?

YWAM Ship the Atlantis II

As YWAM Ships continues to expand it’s ministry around the world they are continuing to look at new opportunities and look to God for his provision and guidance.

At the moment one of the vessels that YWAM is looking at is the R/V Atlantis II. The asking price for ship was $3.95 million, but YWAM has the option to purchase it for $2 million. The vessel is best know for launching the first manned dive on the Titanic, but it has the potential to become a launching hub for Kingdom Ministry if God releases it to YWAM.

Please continue to pray for God’s guidance and provision as the YWAM Ships Ministry continues to grow and serve the nations.

YWAM Turner Valley Missions Night

YWAM Turner Valley Missions Night 2014On June 17 at 7:30 pm Youth With A Mission Turner Valley will be holding a fundraiser for their ministry centre and for a ministry to Vietnam called, Eye Wheel Help.

Eye Wheel Help is run by Ha Nguyen and since it’s founding four years ago they have provided 2300 eye surgeries, 1200 wheelchairs, and hundreds of basic medical checkups for the poor people in remote villages of Vietnam.

Visit to find out more about the night.

Pray for Thailand

Please pray for Thailand!

The military government has declared a coup. This means there is a curfew from 10PM till 5AM. The bars, malls even the 7-elevens are all closed before 10PM. The police told us we can’t gather together with more than 5 persons. It is allowed to work with more people but not to have meetings.

You can follow along with how the coup is affecting the ministry in Thailand on the YWAM Tamar Centre’s Facebook page.


YWAM Tyler, Texas will be running their SST programs throughout June, July, and August of this year …

The SST helps to answer questions that all young people have like:

  • How do I know God personally?
  • How can I hear God’s voice?
  • What is my destiny and calling?
  • How do I get closer to God?
  • more …

They do this through:

  • Small group discussions
  • Hands-on ministry
  • Missions training
  • Relevant and intense training
  • more …

Head over to to find out more.

YWAM Montana Summer Programs

YWAM Montana is again running their exciting summer programs this year. They include the Summer of Music, Summer of Sports, and the Summer of Dance.

During the programs that run from June 16 – August 15 participants join together for times of teaching, but are then able to focus on their passions of music, dance, or sport …

Summer of Sports

Summer of Music

Summer of Dance

Check out to find out more about these fantastic summer programs.

YWAM Louisville Encounter Week

From June 22 – 27 YWAM Louisville will be running their Encounter Week. The week looks as some of the key elements of the Youth With A Mission Discipleship Training School, and condensing it into seven powerful days of growth and discipleship.

During the time participants will be participating in times of teaching, worship, small groups, and community.

After the encounter week there is an optional local outreach in Louisville, or an outreach to Nicaragua.

YWAM Louisville Nicaragua Short Term Mission Trip

YWAM Louisville will be running two short term mission trips to Nicaragua in July of 2014. People can either come as individuals, or as a group.

During the time in Nicaragua the teams will engage in some exciting ministry opportunities, including:

  • Bible Distribution, with a goal of getting a Bible into every home of the city of Masatepe
  • Sharing the Gospel using drama, relationships, and conversations
  • Supporting the local church to reach their neighbourhoods
  • Children’s ministry to show the love of Jesus to kids in schools, parks, and elsewhere
  • Construction in building a home for a family that lacks adequate shelter
  • more …

If the Encounter Week, Louisville outreach, or the Nicaragua outreach  is something that interests you, and that you want to be a part of, then visit

YWAM Haiti Dance Camp 2014

YWAM Haiti is running an exciting dance camp for the youth in Haiti from August 22 – September 1.

Have a look at, or their Facebook page, to find out more about the dance camp, and how you can partner with it or be involved.

YWAM Harpenden School of Design

YWAM Harpenden will be running the School of Design from June 29 – September 27, 2014.

YWAM Harpenden School of Music in Missions

Also at YWAM Harpenden, from June 28 to December 12 of 2014, the School of Music in Missions will be running.

The purpose of the School of Music in Missions (SOMM) is to equip and empower individuals to use their leadership and artistic gifting to minister in excellence to God, to effectively minister and equip the saints, and to reach out to their world with the message of Jesus Christ with relevance.

Visit to find out more about the School of Music in Missions and the School of Design being offered at YWAM Harpenden.

Just Go 2014 – Short Term YWAM Trips

YWAM Just Go European Outreach

YWAM Europe will be running four different outreaches into Central Europe from 4 – 20 July.

Each of the four trips begin at YWAM Holmsted Manor in the UK where the teams will engaged in a three to four day training camp together with all the teams. During the training camps participants will worship together and hear training and teaching from experienced missionaries and leaders. There will be creative workshops to equip participants and give them ideas to use on the outreaches.

After the training camp the teams will split and travel with one of four teams into Central Europe. The different teams will be:

  • Romania
  • Sarajevo (Bosnia)
  • Serbia
  • a Mobile team

Visit to find out more …

Testimony from Discipleship Training School

Find out more about YWAM Zion in New Zealand at

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