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You are invited to join YWAM at YWAM Together in Thailand, we hear about some exciting stories coming out of Vietnam, YWAM Newcastle’s medical ship serves in Papua New Guinea, we find out about an exciting new ministry called YWAM Beyond, and more on episode 100 of the Youth With A Mission News Show…

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YWAM Together 2018 in Thailand

YWAM Together will be occuring from 2 – 8 September in Pattaya, Thailand.

YWAM Together 2018 (YT2018) is for all YWAMers and YWAM alumni who are engaged throughout the spheres of society. Our YWAM global family are coming from across the globe and we want you there too. Prepare to be refreshed, renewed, challenged, encouraged, loved and supported.

Please prayerfully consider attending and register soon.

Visit their web-site, ywamtogether.com, to find out more, including seeing the schedule, finding out about the full day outreach to Pattaya, and more.

YWAM Vietnam

As we mentioned on the last episode of the Podcast, we now have a feature on some of the work that YWAM Viet Nam is doing …

One of the most encouraging stories that I heard while looking into the work of YWAM Mercy Vietam was the story of Hue.

YWAM runs three different children’s homes in Vietnam, in three different communities. They also actively run programs for families and children, economic empowerment, business development, and environment and sanitation.

You can find out more on their web-site, ywammercyvientnam.org.

YWAM in Germany Celebrates 500th Anniversary of Reformation

As we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation one of YWAMs teams took to the streets in Germany to distribute Bibles and worship God on the main street in downtown Wittenberg. Local were practically “ripping the Bibles out of their hands” with eagerness as they were being distributed.

The YWAM Team also ministerde to and prayed for people in the street or in nearby buildings.

You can read more about the outreach over on the Christian Post web-site.

YWAM Ships Newcastle Vision for Papua New Guinea

Last year YWAM Ships Newcastle received their vessel, the s/v Ruach, and late last year the vessel sailed to Papua New Guinea to embark on their first outreach. Already the crew and volunteers have been able to engage with the local community through providing some hands on marine training and working in partnership with the PNG Government to achieve their health outcome goals for the population…

Find out more about their ministry on the YWAM Ships Newcastle web-site, ywamshipsnewcastle.org.au.

YWAM Ships Kona Ship Update

Both of our vessels are looking brand new with a fresh coat of paint!Today, the m/v Pacific Link sails to Duke of York…

Posted by YWAM Ships Kona on Friday, January 5, 2018

YWAM Beyond

YWAM Beyond is a new ministry of Youth With A Mission that I have recently come across, but what is it?

Find out more on their web-site, ywambeyond.com.

YWAM Philippines – Hope Village

Back in 2013 we spoke about the devastation brought to the Philippine Islands by Typhoon Yolanda, and some of the relief work that YWAM was engaged in. Youth With A Mission has continued to work on helping the locals recover from the loses inflicted by that typhoon, including their work on Project Hope Village …

Find out more about the project, including how you could get involved, on the YWAM Philippines web-site, ywamphilippines.org.

YWAM Orlando Director’s Update

Michael Berg, the director from YWAM Orlando, brings us an update from the last quarter, including their quick recovery from the recent cyclone.

Find out more about YWAM Orlando on their web-site, ywamorlando.com.

Michael Berg was also featured on one of the recent teaching podcast at ywampodcast.net/teaching, where he talks about the Father’s Heart for Missions.

YWAM Hockey in Arctic Russia

YWAM Hockey is going to Arctic Russia! January 22 to February 10, 2018Glen and two YWAM Hockey Alumni, Brian Peters and…

Posted by YWAM Hockey on Friday, January 19, 2018

YWAM European Family Ministries Forum

YWAM Family Ministries will be hosting their next European forum and Stategic Meeting from March 21 – March 24 in Krakow, Poland. It’s an important time for YWAMers involved in Family Ministries to come together to network, share resources, pray, and hear and learn from each other.

Last year’s forum was held in Budapest and involved 64 participants from 17 nations. You can find out more about the forum on the YWAM Family Ministries web-site, ywamfmi.org.

 YWAM Skien – School of Missional Communities

YWAM Skien runs a School of Missional Communities, which focuses on building healthy, Jesus centered communities in Europe …

Their next school begins in October 2018, and you can find out more on their web-site, ywamskien.com.

YWAM Mendocino – The School of Supernatural Missions (SSM)

The School of Supernatural Missions at YWAM Mendocino Coast is designed to serve those in christian missions who are hungry for more of the supernatural work of God, both in their relationship with Him and in their ministry.

The next school starts on March 15 and you can find out more by visiting their website, ywammendocino.org.

Advance Leadership School – YWAM North Cascades

Over at YWAM Northern Cascades the are running and Advance Leadership School. The school is designed for anyone who knows they are called to a lifetime of serving God, and want to move from where you are now, to where God wants you to be …

That course runs for 12-weeks at YWAM North Cascades in Lynden, Washington State, USA. The next course begins on June 21, 2018, and is followed by an optional internship.

Check out the school web-page.

Story from a YWAM DTS Student

I’m always encouraged to hear the stories about YWAM Discipleship Training School students, and what God did in and through them during their DTS. Here is a story from Jess, who was a student with YWAM Townsville in Australia.

Find out more about YWAM Townsville and their ministries, including the DTS at ywamtownsville.org.

Jeff Woodke’s wife pleads for news about abducted husband

Back in October 2016 a long time YWAM Worker, Jeff Woodke, was abducted from the town of Abalak in Northern Niger. No information has yet been obtained about his condition or whereabouts, but late last year his wife released this video pleading for news about her husband …

You can read more about Jeff Woodke’s work, and his wife’s plea for news about him, though the link in our shownotes.

Lynn Green writes about Gender-Reassignment

Lynn Green, one of Youth With A Mission’s Elders, has written a thought provoking article about gender-reassignment that is well worth reading …

f there is some dissonance between a person’s biological identity and their emotional identity, the emotions are more readily influenced towards change than the chromosomes which are fixed.

Check out his full article, called “Whose “Rights” Should Be Protected”, on his web-site lynngreen.blog.

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