Episode 009 – Staff Needs, Reunions, Celebrations, Mountain Climbing and Free Books

Bill Hutchison talks about staffing needs around YWAM, reunions and celebrations, YWAM Mountain Climbers, the London 2012 Olympic Outreach, Friend and Support Raising and free books.


  • YWAM Arua In Need of a new Kitchen and Dining Hall
    • YWAM Arua in Uganda is currently operating out of a temporary kitchen and dining hall. he building need to be renovated to last till the new buildings are ready in a few years. The cost to renovate these two building is only $2000 USD.
    • YWAM Arua Dining Hall and Kitchen Need Help
  • YWAM Urban Ministries Winnipeg Needing Staff for Summer Mission Adventures
    • Looking for between 5 – 10 summer staff from June 7 – July 23 to work in the areas of:
      • Worship
      • Sound Technicians
      • Logistics
      • Intercessors
      • Small group leaders
      • Cooks
      • Team hosts
    • Organize and lead all three of the 10 day group programs that YWAM Winnipeg will be running. The focus for the programs will be working in urban missions in the Winnipeg inner city.
    • YWAM Winnipeg Need Staff for Summer Mission Adventures
  • YWAM Ruurikkala, Finland needs DTS staff
  • YWAM Tyler Homecoming Reunion
    • On May 28 – 30 2010 YWAM Tyler, Texas will be hosting a homecoming reunion.
    • Celebrate 40 years of ministry behind YWAM Tyler and 50 years of YWAM ministry International
    • YWAM Tyler Texas Homecoming 2010
  • YWAM 50 Celebration for Central Europe
    • In Timisoara, Romania from the 21st – 25th of September.
    • YWAMers in the region are being encouraged to make "thank you meals" for people who have been involved in YWAM and have partnered with the ministry over the years during the week of May 24 – 29.
    • YWAM Central Europe 50 year Celebration
  • YWAM North American Cities Conference
    • April 19 – 23 there was a gathering of YWAMers from around North America in Altanta Georgia to look at how to be more affective working in the cities of America.
    • Two of the speakers included Dr. Patricia Bailey-Jones, an author, lecturere and the founder of Master’s Touch Ministries and Tim Svoboda, the International Urban Missions director for Youth With A Mission and the city coordinator for YWAM San Francisco.
    • You can listen to some recordings about urban ministry from the last YWAM North American cities conference that was held in Vancouver, Canada at the YWAM Mercy web-site:
    • Ray Bakke Urban Ministries Podcast
  • I Stand Amazed by Benny Prasad Kandukuri

  • Intro and exit music by Five Star Streets, over at YWAM Reef to Outback
  • Free Go Manual to your YWAM Centre
    • The YWAM Communications Network is giving away free Go Manuals sent to your YWAM Centre. You only have to pay for the shipping:
    • Free YWAM Go-Manuals
  • 4 YWAMers reach the top of Aconcagua
  • YWAM Olympic Outreach for London 2012
    • The vision for the YWAM Outreach is to see 25 new teams planted in London, and at least 1 new team in each of the other Olympic cities. The focus of the teams will be on evangelism and urban mission, using new ways and fresh ideas to minister to the local community.
    • The aim will be to continue in partnership with local church so that people can be connected with a local church for discipleship and follow up.
    • Vision of Forever 2012
    • YWAM continues it’s partnership with More than Gold with Yan Nicholls, the YWAM England Olympic Development Officer, serving on the Executive committee for the organization
    • More Than Gold UK
  • Lynn Green Addressing YWAM Live on Wednesday
    • Just a quick reminder that Lynn Green will address YWAM via GENESIS Devos 10am Pacific/5pm GMT April 28th.  It will be streamed at www.genesisnews.com and also be available streamed on demand if you miss the address.
  • Friendraising and Support Raising Workshop
    • On May 31- June 4, 2010 Terry Sherman will be hosting a week long workshop on friendraising. The first three days will be spent on how to raise support with the fourth day being dedicated to looking at how the participants can multiply that teaching on their own YWAM Centre.
    • Friendraising and Support Raising Workshop

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