Pope Francis and YWAM, M/Y Pacific Hope Leaves for the Philippines and Reaching Out to Persecuted Christians in Pakistan 8

Find out about YWAM’s experience and relationship with the new Pope Francis, we talk about two of the YWAM Ships that are currently on the move, and we find out about some of the persecution that Christians are experiencing in Pakistan and look at ways that you can help …


YWAM Responds to the New Pope Francis

Alejandro Rodriguez, the director of Youth With A Mission Argentina, shares about his experiences meeting and praying with then Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope Francis.

MY Pacific Hope in Dry DockM/Y Pacific Hope in Dry Drock Preparing for Sailing to the Philippines

After Marine Reach New Zealand purchased the Rosa Rugosa they dry docked the vessel for painting and other maintenance in preparation for the maiden voyage to the Philippines.

Tuesday mid-day (NZ Time) the M/Y Pacific Hope will come out of dry-dock and into the water. Wednesday, all going well, the crew will sail her out of Japanese water headed to the first port of Call….Manila Philippines. Please be praying for the crew as they launch…Christen…and sail the ship.

Before and After photos of the ship.

MY Pacific Hope Before and After

You can follow full ship project on the Project Kilo Facebook page.

Caribbean Reach passed through the Panama Canal

Saturday March 16 the MV Caribbean Reach passed through the first set of locks on it’s way through the Panama Canal. The ship is on it’s way to Hawaii where it will meet up with a team and be deployed to Micronesia. Micronesia is the most isolated area of Oceania and is consequently the most impoverished. The strategy is to forward position both vessels, & deploy University of the Nation’s teams on board for a month at a time throughout the year, targeting the most isolated.

The teams will be  comprised of YWAM DTS field assignments along with specific skilled volunteers embedded among them.  The skilled volunteer crew range from doctors, dentists, opticians, news reporters, mid wives, water specialists, sports ministry personalities, spiritual leadership teachers and bible trainers

YWAM Ship Caribbean Reach Exiting Panama Canal Lock

You can read more about the plan for this ship on their web-site.

Reaching Out to Persecuted Christians in Pakistan

Reaching-out-to-Christians-in-Pakistan_mediumThe now nearly empty neighbourhood of Joseph Colony was looted and the homes of 250 families and at least two churches were torched. It is reported that hundreds of Bibles were also burned. The hostile emotions leading to this destruction were stirred up after a young Muslim man alleged that his long-time Christian friend had committed blasphemy …

Around three hundred families have been affected by the destruction of property; people are destitute and going hungry. The government has promised that funds to repair homes will be allocated and that they will compensate each family up to $5,000. In the meantime, families are growing more desperate, wandering aimlessly around the shells of their burned out and looted homes. In the immediate aftermath of the attack, people took shelter with other families at night, themselves living below the breadline; now they have been moved into a tent city.

YWAM Pakistan Relief and Development has had experience in responding to the needs of disaster victims. They were part of the response to the 2005 earthquake, and the 2010/11 floods. At various times, they have offered assistance to persecuted Christians in scattered villages and colonies in Punjab and Sindh, the two largest provinces of the nation. As a result of this experience, YWAM has good collaborative relationships in the region, and is working with others to deliver immediate aid to bring stability and security to the minority Christians currently accommodated in tents.

YWAM Pakistan is also involved in long-term development, seeking to educate and train future leaders within this minority group. They are researching long-term development solutions, such as the founding of a school and leadership training for children and young people.

Read the full story and how you can help here.

Invitation to the YWAM Asia / Pacific Staff Gathering from Tom Hallas and Dave Cole

Find out more about the YWAM Asia / Pacific Field Gathering and the Call 2 All Congress here.

Focus on YWAM Ireland

YWAM Pittsburgh St Patrick Day Parade

We’re a small, missional community of people from several different nations, working around Ireland – based in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland – in urban Dublin and beautiful Rostrevor, Co. Down, but also from Banbridge to Co. Wexford, as well as partnering with charities and ministries around the world.


  • Faith & Conflict Reconciliation Conference
  • Training
  • Discipleship Teams
  • Short Term Missions Programme
  • Hosting Teams
  • YWAM Associates
  • Media Ministries
  • Kerygma Teams
  • Mustard Tree Project
  • An Cuan (harbour)
  • Hospitality: Retreats & Conferences
  • Family Life Resources


  • Banbridge
  • Belfast
  • Dublin
  • Rostrevor
  • Sligo
  • Wicklow

Find out more on their national web-site.

Next Month on YWAM Organic

Three new videos:

  • Cambodia
  • Student Mobilisation Centre
  • Nepal

Jesus Film App Screen ShotUpdated Review of the Jesus Film App

After playing with the Jesus Film App for a bit longer I realised that all I had to do was click on the button with the down pointing arrow. At that point I was offered the option to download a small or large version of the movie. Once downloaded the film was available for viewing even when I was off-line.

I would very highly recommend this app for any team going on outreach if you want to use the resources that are available. Just to review, the videos that are available are:

  • Jesus Film in 1100 languages
  • Magdalena
  • Story of Jesus for Children
  • Following Jesus (India)
  • Walking With Jesus (Africa)
  • My Last Day
  • Cabernet
  • Coffee Shop
  • Don’t Hold Your Breath
  • La Busqueda – The Search
  • La Liberte de l’Interieur – Freedom Within

You can find out more about the app on their web-site.

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8 thoughts on “Pope Francis and YWAM, M/Y Pacific Hope Leaves for the Philippines and Reaching Out to Persecuted Christians in Pakistan

  • Josiah Mcdonald

    I love YWAM, but why do we need to endorse the Pope? I’m all about Christian unity but does no one understand the history behind the Catholic church and how ungodly its been from its very foundation? I mean the over glorification of Mary, the excessive pomp, and human vanity. I can’t really see Peter in the Popes robes being glorified by the whole world as a hero. Gold rings and huge ceremonies hardly speak to Christian humility and modesty. Do I even need to delve into the sex scandals and possible monetary corruption? I could go on for days in fact I could write more than 99 thesis but I think most Bible reading Christians can easily determine right from wrong. (Disclaimer. There are many awesome ,Godly, catholic men and women and it is not them that I have issues with but their beleifs.) Can we get back to following Christ and the Bible instead of popes and denominations? These constructs of man take the emphasis off of Jesus Christ our Savior.

  • Andrew Broll

    Nobody denies the mistakes the Catholic Church has made, but its always a good idea to push forward in our thoughts and belief in a better world. A better world means putting aside our differences for the greater good.

  • Josiah Mcdonald

    Let me ask you a simple question. If Jesus were to appear in Rome during the popes acceptance ceremony, do you think he would be happy with all the money spent on pomp and splendor or do you think he might start over turning some tables? My money is the on the tables.

  • Patty Carlson

    Josiah, would Jesus be happy with where you live and how much you invest of your own time and money to the poor and needy? That’s really the question you should be asking.

  • Naomi 'Nai' Gurr

    Josiah I fully agree with you!! Are you all blind, dumb, and stupid?! I’m sorry but those really are the words that come to mind with your comments. Very simply, passing of rights (Thou shalt not steal), the pope is treated as an idol and says he is higher than Jesus (Thou shalt not serve any other gods before me; no one comes to the Father except through Me (Jesus)), the saints are worshipped as idols and graven images (thou shalt not worship any graven image), confession to a priest (Through Jesus death and resurrection we have direct communion with God through the Holy Spirit). I could go on but I’m tired and really don’t have time to spend on demonic religions like catholicism, islam, buddhism, materialism, sehkism, hinduism, etc. The bottom line is the only way to God is through Jesus and believing in Jesus and giving Him your life. Any religion which preaches differently is a false religion and is sending people to eternal suffering.
    Agreed with Josiah there are men and women in the catholic religion who love God and are actually christians. However the religion is not a christian one, nor does it deserve the title of church. It is not a denomination but a separate religion entirely.
    Patty what Josiah does, and how he spends his money is absolutely none of your business whatsoever. That is between him, his wife, and God.

  • Naomi 'Nai' Gurr

    Also Andrew, a better world does not mean putting aside our differences. If someone claims to be of God in this case the catholic church then they should be glorifying God. If not then they need to be addressed as Paul instructed in Corinthians. There is no greater good if you are compromising God, and His Word to please others and keep a false peace. A better world is one where God is the centre, and anything which does not put God at the centre is recognised as having gone astray. It can then choose whether or not to return to Christ. If it chooses not to then it is to be cut off.

  • Disco Volante.

    People, the Catholic “Gospel” is Merit and Works oriented. The REAL Gospel is Grace by Faith Oriented. Why are your leaders Not addressing the obvious here?