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This week we will hear from Josh Langer about the importance of the Church, learn more about the 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World that started this week, get an update from the FIFA World Cup Outreach, check out a Bible distribution project in Norway, hear about the student sponsorship program YWAM Philippines is running in Tacloban City, find out about some upcoming training opportunities, and more …

YWAM Podcast 90Stories:

Devotional about the Importance of the Church

I wanted to start off this week’s YWAM News Podcast with a message about the importance of the Church. This devotional is brought to us by Josh Langer, who is a worship leader at YWAM Tyler, Texas…

Find out more about YWAM Tyler Texas and their ministry at

30Days of Prayer for the Muslim World

The month of Ramadan began on June 28th, and along with that also started the 30-days of Prayer for the Muslim World …

Visit for resources and to find out more about this amazing ministry, and how you can get involved in it.

FIFA World Cup Outreach Update

The KickOff outreach to the FIFA World Cup is continuing, with different teams spread out all over the nation, involved with many different outreach opportunities and types.

One of the outreaches that they did was to run a soccer tournament for some of the local youth …

I would really recommend checking out the video at so that you can read the interviews with some of the local players, church leaders, and community members.

YWAM has also been working with people involved in the sex trade in Brazil, and you can read some of those stories on the main YWAM web-site,

Rise Campaign YWAM Staff Survey

Rise Campaign Missions Survey

If you haven’t done it already, please take the time to fill out the Rise Campaign YWAM staff survey,

YWAM Rise Campaign Trip to Cambodia


Also from the Rise Campaign is an upcoming outreach trip to Battambang, Cambodia on August 4 – 15. For the trip they have four goals:

  1. Each team member will use their skills to serve a felt need in the area
  2. The team will share the gospel directly with others
  3. Engage in prayer, intercession, and worship
  4. Impact the least reach

Visit to find out how you can be a part of this outreach.

August 4 – 15

YWAM Norway Bible Distribution

For over 30 years, Loren Cunningham, the founder of Youth With A Mission, has been encouraging and challenging YWAM staff and ministries to put a Bible in every home in their communities and in their nations. YWAM Norway has recently taken up the challenge, and here is how they are wanting to tackle it.

Head over to to find out more about their ministry, and how you could help to distribute the Bible throughout the nations.

YWAM Brussels Ministry to Homeless and Refugees

YWAM Brussels Ministry to the Homeless

Every Monday and Thursday YWAM Brussels is at the North Station outside the main hall serving soup, coffee, tea, and waffles for about 120 people. They are there to hear people’s stories, listen to what they need, leave lasting impressions, and build caring relationships with their friends on the street.

There are hundreds of people living on the streets in and around the North Train Station in Brussels. Many of them are recently arrived from other countries and are applying for asylum in Belgium. Some of them have lost their jobs or families, and they are all facing hard times.

YWAM Brussels Refugee Outreach

YWAM is engaged in working with refugees throughout the city and has been busy serving and connecting with them.

Find out more about their ministry at

YWAM Perth Birth Attendants School Testimony

On the last episode of the YWAM News Podcast we shared with you about YWAM Perth’s Birth Attendant’s School. Here is a testimony from their outreach …

Find out more about the school on the YWAM Perth web-site, at

YWAM Tacloban City Student Sponsorship Program

Youth With A Mission in the Philippines launched a new centre in Tacloban City to help with the relief work after Typhoon Yolanda hit on November 8, 2013. One of the ministries that they are engaged in is the Student Sponsorship Program …

You can find out more about the ministry happening at the YWAM centre in Tacloban City on their Facebook page.

21 Projects School – Fire and Fragrance

The Circuit Riders ministry is running an exciting new training program from July 13 – August 2 in Passadena, California …

Visit to find out more.

Member Care Seminar at YWAM Singapore

YWAM Singapore Member Care Seminar

YWAM Singapore will be hosting a Member Care Seminar from 28 July – 22 August.

Member care is a vital part of helping our field missionaries continue their work in the field that God has called them to. Their Member Care Seminar is meant to help people grow in their skills and ability to care for, and serve, missionaries on the field.

Some of the ways that they care for missionaries are:

  • Visiting and encouraging them on the field
  • Regular communication and supplying of resources
  • Prayer and intersession
  • Ongoing training opportunities

The Member Care Seminar is designed to help equip us to better serve and work with missionaries on the field.

The closing registration date for the seminar is July 7, so visit to find out more.

YWAM Associates Gathering in Norway

YWAM Associates will be hosting an inTouch Summer Renewal camp at the southernmost tip of Norway from 21 – 26 July, 2014. The camp is for anyone who is currently working with YWAM, has been in YWAM in the past, or has worked with YWAM anywhere in the world.

There will be plenty of opportunity for fellowship during the camp, as well as times of teaching, worship, activities, and preaching.

Check out to find out more about the event.

YWAM Muizenberg Sound of the NationsYWAM Muizenberg Sound of the Nations

YWAM Muizenberg in South Africa is running their Sound of the Nations worship course from 27 July – 5 September, 2014. It’s a 6-week worship course where participants can find their voice and release the sound that God has placed in them.

The topics covered are:

  1. Strengthening your identity as a worship leader
  2. Character development as a worship leader
  3. Prophetic worship and spiritual gifts
  4. Song writing and musicianship
  5. Biblical foundations of worship
  6. more …

Visit to find out more about the course.

YWAM Harpenden Summer Arts Gathering

YWAM Summer Arts Gathering

From July 28 – 31 YWAM Harpenden will be hosting a summer arts gathering. The idea behind the gathering is to explore how to use your artistic gifts for God and to see your creativity grow.

There will be workshops on drawing, painting, dancing, music, theatre, and collage.

Find out more at

YWAM Canada Rendezvous 2014

YWAM Canada Rendezvous

YWAM Canada will be having their national staff conference from August 17 – 22, 2014 at the Wilderness Edge Retreat Centre in Pinawa, Manitoba. There will be exciting corporate times of hearing from God, worship, teaching, amazing food, and tons of fellowship.

They conference is for everyone and YWAM Canada is hoping to see all 300+ of their staff and leaders there. There are special programs for children and teens, as well as plenty of fun for the adults.

Visit to find out how you can attend.

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