Episode 001 – Olympics, Haiti and Chile

In episode 001 of the YWAM Podcast Bill Hutchison talks about the YWAM Olympic Outreach, YWAM England leadership changes, YWAM in Chile, the work YWAM is doing in Haiti, the monthly prayer focus and the YWAM Ship tour in Australia.

  • Former leader of YWAM England, Donovan Palmer, has retired from that role and taken on the role of the Managing Director of the Africa Mercy with Mercy Ships.
  • YWAM Prayer focus on Human Trafficking this month
    • YWAM Prayer Day Web-Site
    • I am not for sale, you are not for sale, no one should be for sale.
    • Prayer points are:
      • For God to open your eyes and give you a personal response to trafficking
      • An end to exploitation and all forms of abuse
      • Enough shelters and resources to provide for specific needs of the victims, including medical and psychological treatment
      • Training and education for each victim so that they are able to pursue their individual dreams and establish themselves in a healthy environment
  • YWAM Ship Pacific Link is arriving in Sydney after spending a week in Newcastle
    • Offering tours of the ship and opportunities to meet the volunteer crew
    • Was donated school supplies for Papua New Guinea while in Sydney
    • Collecting glasses for Papua New Guinea. About half a million people could regain their sight simply by being provided with corrective glasses
    • YWAM Ship Pacific Link arrives in Sydney Australia
  • YWAM Vancouver Olympic Outreach
    • Interview with Russell Sanche from YWAM Canada
    • More than Gold – Partnering with other organisations
    • “Buying Sex is not a sport”
    • More news about the YWAM Olympic Outreach at YWAM International
  • YWAM Haiti’s new web-site at www.ywamhaiti.org
  • YWAM Haiti update Video
    • Because of YWAMs long term work in Haiti they are in a unique position to work with the government and the united nations there with registering refugees and with food distribution
    • Last episode I talked a bit about the hospital that was being renovated. It is being called the New Beginnings Clinic and will be serviced by the Mercy Trucks ambulance that is now being used as a mobile medical clinic to the people devastated by the earthquake
    • YWAM is planning temporary tent communities to shelter the refuges using $300 hoop tents. They are looking for people to donate and partner with the Haitian people through these tent communities. They will be planning to run biblical teaching and discipleship, lifestyle skills and more. You can donate and find out more on the YWAM Haiti web-site.

Watch live streaming video from ywam at livestream.com
  • Baby Formula Desperately needed for Haiti
    • Lots of women stopped producing breast milk after the earthquake
    • YWAM Haiti is almost out of baby formula
    • e-mail at relief@ywamhaiti.org
    • YWAM Haiti Needs Baby Formula
  • YWAM staff member in Haiti lost his wife during the earthquake.
    • Illioney and his daughter Abigail escaped from their house during the earthquake, but his wife did not escape.
    • To get the medical aid that he needs for his daughter he has had to sell his car and is now living with family.
    • I have tried to read the story, but to be honest I can’t read the whole thing without my voice cracking, so here is a link to the story.
    • YWAM Haiti – A Story That Puts a Face to it All

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