Message from Loren Cunningham to Businesses, Review of Jesus Film Mobile App, and New Training and Conference Opportunities 1

This week we hear a message to businesses from Loren Cunningham, we review the Jesus Film mobile application and we talk about a few new training and conference opportunities that are coming up…


UofN Natural Farming Ministry and Training

Relates to the FoodMachine that we talked about on the last YWAM Podcast.

You can read more about the seminar and where it is offered on the YWAM Course page here.

Do You Have the Keys to the City?

Leadership Letter from Stephen Mayers, Chairman of YWAM Europe:

  1. Know the city, love the city
  2. Discover the ‘word of the Lord’
  3. Meet men and women of peace in the city
  4. Network and serve
  5. Embrace the breadth of the city in all its categories
  6. Establish models of ministry and multiply them
  7. Develop a support base
  8. Live out community
  9. Commitment to the city
  10. A multi-gifted team

Read the full letter here.

Jesus Film Media Mobile App

the Jesus Film Media Mobile AppThrough the robust search feature users have the ability to find our resources by country, language name, theme, and title of the film. You will have access to films in over 1,100 languages!

Featuring the films JESUS, Magdalena, The Story of Jesus for Children in full length and segments; the series Following Jesus and Walking with Jesus and catalog of short films like My Last Day.

After testing the app there is no easy way to download the videos, the only way I could find to download them and have them available while off-line is to watch each full video. A “download” without watching option would be nice, but if you are going a location and the Jesus film is available in that language it would be worth watching the video so that you could then have access to it when you are not online.

YWAM England Advance 117 Magazine

  • New YWAM Location in Taunton, England
  • Community engagement
  • Children’s network and ministry
  • Staff profile
  • more …

Joseph-AvakianFinding Your Identity in Christ – Joseph Avakian

New teaching on the YWAM Teaching Podcast,

Joseph Avakian has been working with Youth With A Mission since 1984 and has been involved in teaching and projects around the world. He has been responsible for pioneering and launching many of the schools that YWAM is currently running in the area of communication.

In this latest episode of the YWAM Teaching Podcast Joseph Avakian tells us about the journey that God took him on in Discovering and Restoring the Identity that God created him with.

Listen to the podcast here.

YWAM Family Ministries School in Worcester South Africa

This is a cutting edge school that impacts not only the life of the students, but also their family and extended family. As the individual and then the family is changed, healed and restored; we then see that flow over into the church, the community and eventually the nation.

Read more about the school here.

Loren Cunningham – A Call 2 Business

Stevie Lujan

New Album by Stevie Lujan

Stevie Lujan works with YWAM in Newcastle, Australia and has been involved in the Youth Street ministry as well as leading worship on the YWAM Centre.

Here is a sample of his song “Trees”.

Hear you own sample here.

YWAM Asia Pacific + Celebrate 40 Years of YWAM Thailand and Call2All in May

Find out more about the YWAM Asia / Pacific Field Gathering and about Call 2 All Congress here.

5-Steps to Protect Your Facebook Profile from Photo Spammers

  1. Make sure notifications are on for all tags
  2. Review all tags for posts
  3. Be careful who you friend
  4. Block offensive users
  5. Change your Ministry profile to a proper page

Read the whole article here.

iTunes Review

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