YWAM Love Feasts, Bristol Interview, New York Cafe, South Sudan Refuge and Building Works

This week we will get an update from YWAM Panama about their buildings that were badly damaged by a falling tree, hear a little bit about the history and importance of Love Feasts in YWAM’s history, where God is continuing to lead the mission with them, and when Tom Bloomer will chat live us and answer our questions about Love Feasts. We also have an interview with the leader of YWAM Bristol about the opportunities their to outreach to the skater community, check out a new coffee shop being opened by YWAM York, get an update about the work YWAM South Sudan is doing with the refugees from that continuing conflict, and more …


YWAM Love Feasts


This month Tom Bloomer, who has been with Youth With a Mission since 1974 and is currently the International Provost of the University of the Nations, wrote a letter for the YWAM Voices online publication about YWAM Love Feasts. The article starts …

In 1971 at YWAM Lausanne, there were a couple of serious accidents on Sunday afternoons. When Loren and Darlene Cunningham sought the Lord as to the reason, they understood Him to be saying He would restore His protection when there was a new commitment to His holiness, especially concerning Sabbath observance.

Love Feasts were part of God’s plan for YWAM to restore the Sabbath, which included:

  • No work on Sunday
  • No sports of hard play
  • The Sabbath was to be a day of quiet, rest, walks in the forest, and concentration on the Lord
  • To prepare for the Sabbath, YWAM had a love feast on Saturday evenings.

Tom goes on to explore how the love feasts worked and what influences led to them being adopted in Youth With A Mission. He also explains how the love feasts also led to YWAM Lausanne learning to better worship God.

Tome has some challenging input for Youth With A Mission and the need for a return to these traditions, and a re-embracing of the love feast and the Sabbath.

You can read Tom’s full letter on the ywam.org web-site.

Live Streaming Session with Tom Bloomer

On April 8 we will be following up with Tom about his letter and love feasts with a live Google Hangout event…

Tom Bloomer will be joining us on Tuesday, April 8, to share more about Love Feasts, and to answer live questions from the Google+ chat.

Head over the Google Hangout event page to find out what time it will be in your time zone, and to register to attend.

You will also be able to watch the live streaming video at ywampodcast.net/live.

YWAM Bristol Skater Evangelist Needed

YWAM Bristol

This week I caught up with Kyle Henderson-Begg about the new YWAM ministry in Bristol, UK …

They are actively looking for a someone with a heart for skaters to come and serve with them over the summer.

Find out more about their ministry, and contact them at www.ywambristol.org, or visit their Facebook page.

YWAM York Cafe Opens

YWAM York Barnabas Cafe Opens

YWAM York just opened their new public cafe, “Barnabas Cafe”. The goal of the cafe is to build community in the Leeman Road area of York. The people in the area are quite diverse and represent all ages and a variety of cultures.

In addition to being a place where people can come and enjoy a good coffee YWAM York is also wanting to grow the place to include weekly activities where people can teach and learn new skills.

You can check out some photos of the cafe and find out their opening hours on the YWAM York web-site, ywamyork.com.

YWAM Panama Bathhouse Repaired

Last month we let you know about the damage that a falling tree caused to the YWAM Panama property. When the tree fell it destroyed half of the bathhouse and damaged the aquaponics building.

Thankfully the building has now been replaced thanks to donations that came through to the YWAM ministry in Panama and they send out their thanks to the people that helped with their need.

YWAM South Sudan Refuge and Building Work

YWAM South Sudan House Building

YWAM is continuing their work ministering in South Sudan to the many displaced people in Yei.

They have recently been distributing food items like salt, maize flour, oil beans, and washing soap to the refuges. The food that they distribute is purchased from local sources from donations made to their ministries. There are still many needs in the camp, and you can find out how you can help on their Facebook page.

YWAM South Sudan is also in middle of renovating some of their huts as the rains start this month. They are still needing finances to come through to cover the completion of the renovation and to make the hut liveable. Again you can find out more on their Facebook page.

YWAM Ships Australia

YWAM Ships Australia sets sail to Papua New Guinea

The YWAM Ships Australia vessel the M/V Pacific Link will be setting sail to Papua New Guinea from its’ home port in Townsville, Queensland on March 26. This will mark the beginning of their 2014 outreach season which will begin on April 3 when the vessel arrives in PNG, and continue until October 5 when they depart Papua New Guinea to return to Townsville, Australia.

During their 2014 outreach season YWAM Ships Australia will be running 9 different focused times of outreach, and cover five different areas of the country:

  • Western Province
  • Gulf Province
  • Port Moresby
  • Oro Province
  • Milne Bay Provice.

During these nine different outreach sessions they will run many different medical programs including:

  • Primary health care
  • Dental
  • Optometry
  • Ophthalmology

They are still looking for volunteers for those four different medical specialities, and well as general volunteers, ship and marine crew, and media volunteers to help with the outreach.

Head over to www.ywamships.org.au to find out how you can be involved.

YWAM Hainichen Building new House

Last year on this podcast we encouraged listeners to help YWAM in Germany to win a prefabricated house to assist them with their housing needs. They ended up winning the house with the votes from our listeners and other YWAMers around the world.

YWAM Germany New House

The house is now being built at YWAM Hainichen and you can watch the construction live on their livestream of it on their web-site www.jmem-hainichen.de.

Kingdom Movements Training

Kingdom Movements Training

YWAM Frontier Missions is running Kingdom Movement Training from 10 April – 11 September in Siliguri, West Bengal, India.

The KMT is a “just-in-time” and outcomes based training for Discipleship Training School graduates. It offers on-field mentoring by experienced and effective staff as participants develop language, discipleship, and community transformation skills.

You can visit their Facebook Page to find out more.

YWAM Honolulu School of Missions and Evangelism

YWAM Honolulu is running the School of Missions and Evangelism school again this year from April 10 – August 31

Check out www.ywamhonolulu.com to find out more.

YWAM Baltic Salt – Tallinn, Estonia

YWAM Baltic Salt Tallinn Estonia 2014

From April 11 – April 13 YWAM will be running round two of the Baltic Salt, this time in Tallinn, Estonia.

During the time participants will hear about what God has to say about business, education, science and technology, government, family, church, arts, and communication. Attendees will learn about Biblical values and worldview. There will also be different workshops, breakout session, and time to connect with other people working in their field.

The idea with this Baltic Salt event is to equip participants and give them a greater vision and hope for what they are studying or working with, and also for their nation.

Visit their Facebook Page to find out more and to register.

YWAM Kings Kids England Wildfire Outreaches

YWAM England Kings Kids Wildfire Outreaches

Kings Kids England will be running a number of “Wildfire Outreaches” into the nations starting on April 11th.

This year the Wildfire Outreaches will be going to:

  • Philippines
  • Senegal
  • Tanzania
  • Common Wealth Games in Scotland

There will be many opportunities at the different outreach locations, including opportunities to engage in sports, practical work, intercession and prayer, community health work, celebration arts, evangelism, more …

The outreaches are open to participants of all ages and having completed a Discipleship Training School is not required.

Visit www.kkiengland.com to find out more about these exciting outreach opportunities.

YWAM Bangalore, India School of Ministry Development

YWAM Bangalore India School of Ministry Development

The School of Ministry Development is a 3-month leadership training school running from April 13 – July 5 that shows students how to put the skills learned during the Discipleship Training School into practice. Combining theory and application the SOMD is designed for students who are serious about developing God and the ministry He has called them to.

During the course students will grow in two main areas:

  1. Building a Biblical foundation for future ministry
  2. Developing practical skills to start their own long term ministry

Visit ywambangalore.org to find out more about the school, including specific topics covered and the internship opportunities.

Organic Agri-nutrition Trainers School (OATS)

YWAM Organic Agri-nutrition Trainers School

YWAM Canada is pioneering the Organic Agro-nutrition Traners School this year in April in Oliver, British Columbia.

This school trains trainers to use Organic Agriculture, Nutrition and Natural Medicine as transformational tools to change lives, communities and nations by providing the health that God intended for and from His Creation. It is all about gaining insight into God’s character and ways to look at His creation and see how He has designed it to be not only sustainable but abundant no matter where we are on the planet.

You can check out YWAM Canada’s email newsletter to find out more about the OATS school.

YWAM Newcastle Podcast Album ArtYWAM Newcastle Teaching Podcast

Listen to the latest teachings from the many training opportunities and public events at YWAM Newcastle, Australia.


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